Brave, authentic, category-shifting, brand development /design

Richard Lamb-Hughes


An Intro

My Philosophy

I believe the most compelling work / projects and experiences happen when you connect with your true self.

To do that, you have to be brave, authentic and vulnerable.

This shapes my work with leading global brands, and developing teams to develop and deliver their TRUE SELF.

As consumers and cultures become more fluid and diverse, the way we think about brands needs to reflect that authenticity.

Creating brand strategy / identities / design systems and user experiences that adapt, respond and are relevant to consumers and their true human needs.

Having spent the last 10 years in brand, marketing and design leadership roles across the Virgin Group, success wasn’t always easy, but we always got there by being true, to our true self.


I believe our potential to solve any problem through creativity and collaboration is limitless.

I like to work with people and brands that share these beliefs and be involved in projects that solve large-scale problems that make social and lasting differences.

Brand Director,
Design Director,
Creative Director,

I have worked across all these roles and I am highly experienced in each vertical.

The blend of these skills is my unique lens on brand leadership / development and reputation.


Brand Development

Product Strategy
Design and Development
Brand identity
Brand strategy
Brand TOV


Spatial experience design
Enviromental graphic design
Graphic design
Advertising design
UI / UX design

Team Development

Cultural engagement
Thought leadership
High performance team leadership Effective Communication skills 


Marketing strategy / planning 

Purpose led strategy / execution
Value creation / sales performance
Strategic board / investor packs Digital marketing / metrics, analysis and reporting.

Results Matter

Best company to work for 2014/15 Deloitte
Brand Awareness / Consideration 2003 65% - 2016 99%
NPS 2004 45% - 2018 75%
Club Growth - 2006 80 - 2019 -139.
Double-digit growth year on year 2004/2018

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